Catch It

Mobile security features

- Motion detection on 4 independent cameras
- SMS/mail on events such as
- motion detection
- temperature level
- input change
- calendar (every week, every day )
- Full SMS control
- Easy Online from mobile or web browser
- No need for broadband
- Portable, easy setup
- Operates on GSM/GPRS
- Online software update
- 4 independent camera inputs for image capture
- 4 inputs for alarm/event usage
- 3 outputs for control purpose
- 4 temperature inputs
Hardware details

Dimensions W x H x L 241 x 137 x 50 mm
Supply voltage 15 VDC
Power consumption:
Only main unit 100 mA
Main unit + 4 cameras 250 mA
Main unit + cameras + idle GSM 270 mA
Main unit + cameras + active GSM 350 mA
Main unit + cameras + active GSM +siren 600 mA
Power 220-240 VAC/15 VDC 1700 mA
Integrated backup battery 12 V 1800 mAh
Optimal operating time provided by backup battery:
Only main unit approx. 10 hours
Main unit and 4 cameras approx. 4 hours
Main unit, 4 cameras and GSM approx. 2 hours
Main unit, 4 cameras, GSM and siren approx. 1 hour
Operating temperature 0 - 40C

Cameras: 4 x 6pin modular connectors
12V DC max. 300mA, Audio / Video in
Temperature sensor: 1 x 4pin modular connector
Temperature range -50C - +125C
Max 4 sensors can be connected in parallel,
every sensor has unique alarm limits
Remote keyboard: 4pin modular connector
Tamper switch and ARMED LED for state indication
4 x 4pin modular connectors
12 VDC, max. 300mA / input
Modem/GSM/GPRS-modem: 1 x 6pin modular, 1 x D9 connector
for data transfer and 1 x 6pin modular to provide power for
Siemens GSM / GPRS modem.
3 x two pin springconnector
0,14 - 0,5 mm2
12V DC output, max. 500mA from each output
Power input connector:
5,5mm DC plug, lockable
Selectable alarm components for Catch it:
o Magnetic sensor
o PIR-motion sensor
o Smoke detector
o Water leakage detector
o Panic button
o Temperature sensor